Hughes Industries


Motor With Heat Protective Box.

Our motors are imported from Europe ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of goods. These motors turn at four revolutions per minute, are 220v, 50Hz and can carry a maximum weight of 21kg. We also engrave your telephone number and name of company onto the motor. Hughes Industries also repairs the motors if need be thus ensuring that our motors will last for a lifetime. We do retail our motors without the heat protective box, switch, cable and plug should that meet your requirements. Damaged motors have to be sent in for repairs because of the complexity and tolerances of the gearboxes and manufacturer's changes during the years of manufacture of these motors, (well over 20 years in the market). Our motors are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. They are designed to give long service in extreme conditions. 

                                                                                                                                               Carving Board Attachment

This attachment is ideal if you want to give your Gas Braai the competitive edge. It is made out of Eucalyptus or otherwise known as Red Iron bark wood. This carving board is resistant to fire and heat thus making it ideal. It fits all our Gas Braais, even the older models.



Chicken/ Kebab Attachment

An additional option for all three of these models is the chicken/ kebab attachment. By placing this over your existing spit bar the chicken/ kebab attachment, on all of the models, can become extremely versatile. This attachment is ideal for Portuguese and Greek Style braais.