Hughes Industries


Hughes Industries only produces "Industrial quality braais". Our range is ideal for the hire trade, caterers and corporates, as well as the more affluent households who demand only the best.
With more than thirty years of experience, the robust construction, mechanical integrity, top quality material and practical design that this range has made the "Lambri" brand the most widely used braai in the professional market.
Like the Rolls Royce, the Lambri braai can boast that over ninety percent of products sold over the lifetime of our company are still in use!

Recommend loading capacities for our Spit Braai are the same on all the models as we use the same motor and spit-bar on all our machines. Engraved on the spit braai motors is a maximum recommended load of up to 21Kg. This suggestion applies to pigs, which are very unbalanced when mounted on the spit braai. Lambs can be a maximum of 24Kg and for balanced loads (e.g. boneless meat) up to 40Kg.
whether it's charcoal, briquettes, wood or gas, Lambri have a braai to meet almost any requirements. The Spit braai Braais are rotated using a 220v electric motor. This can easily be powered by separate batteries or a vehicle's batteries using an inverter, dependent on the clients requirement.